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Racing wheelchair designed for Paralympics athletes to provide better and safer performance during match

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Numotion debute it's own customized product to bring up the brand awarness 

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1, Numotion has already build up the product and technology network in the wheelchair service field. So it has the base to develop it's own product line.

2, Numotion has well reputation, but not very well-known, so the brand can sponsor Paralympics athelets to bring up the brand awareness

Numotion has done very successful job in customized services, each mobility device has been customized for each in each individual customers.

Numotion has various connection with different companies and factories

Numotion has thousands of employees to help customers to customize their own mobility devices and solutions for each individual’s problem

Some of numotion’s employees have mobility issues, and they have better understanding to mobility disability,
so they knows what customers needs and wants better than normal people.


Numotion serves over 250,000 customers across 140 locations and more than 2,500 employees. Known for its industry-leading customer service

The Partner company NOW Tech has been developing advanced technology that help people with mobility
problems. These technologies can be used for Numotion to create better support for people’s daily life support

Softwheel has partnership with Numotion, and they developed a lot of advanced technology for wheels, which Numotion could use the resources to develop mobility devices that can help people with their daily movement

Target User

Numotion target users are professional Paralympic wheelchair racers


Unlimited Empowering 

Intelligently Independent 

Provides customers ability to do things they always want 

Provide the intelligent solution to provide independence to the customers 


Meticulously Protective

Provide certain protection to people in different situation

Market Research

Major Problem

The major problem of wheelchair racing is that racers stay very close to each other, and whenever they need to make turns, they have a great chance to lose balance and lead to accidental fall.

Visual Language

Styling - Speed Form

The color of this kind of design is mostly neutral, grey, black, and white. This type mainly delicate for the athletes and outdoor explorer 


This color category is based on Numotion orange to get the wild active, lively feeling