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Jacuzzi sponsored project --- sub-branding for younger generation

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Ace is an arcade hot tub. Through gaming, we provide users better experience exercising. Also, by using the water to reduce the over work out damage to the body 


Ace is designed as a ship form since it's a virtual fun experience in the ocean gaming adventure

Some customers can sit in the back to enjoy the hot tub spa and also enjoy watching the game match 

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By using the water pressure from jets we can offer users a more immersive gaming experience  

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The users would use the control pad under their feet to interact with the setting and gaming

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Cocoon is a hot tub provides for users to stay closer with their friends and family when they are far distances. And also provide the user the play with virtual gaming as well

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In the front and back, the window can be slid open for users to have fresh air while sitting inside for a long time. 

The door by two sides and windows are in a darker color to block lights to provide privacy and also provide a more immersive experience 

Inside the hot tub, there is a projector attached to the higher roof and offering users the virtual gaming experience, also virtual face timing to chat with users' friends and family

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The shape is designed like peanut as it's named which wraps around the couples together 

Peanut is a hot tub designed for couples to enjoy relaxation together, and reduce their tiredness from work 

The cover of the hot tub is designed foldable, which could turn into a table for the user to place their drinks, snakes, and phones

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Concept Store



The Launch of our Galleria by Juvenn showroom marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our business, enabling us to engage more effectively with hot tub experience.

Changing room to the hot tub experience

Information desk/ counter

Cafe - drinks & food

Outdoor experience center

Outdoor experience center

Outdoor experience center

Brand Attributes 

Positioning Matrix 

Social Harmony

Ecological Sustainability


Brand Attributes

Versatile Entertainment



Optimal Efficiency